ACESA - Araguaia Centrais Elétricas S.A.

Basics Projects Elaboration.

Aratu Gerações S.A.

Feasibility study for hydropower repowering.

Centrais Elétricas da Mantiqueira S.A.

Hydropower studies in the pre-feasibility level of potential for rivers.

CGH do Padre Ltda.

Project Design of the hydroelectric power;
Environmental Licensing.

Danone Ltda.

Hydrological studies and self-purification Basin.

FAPEPE – Fundação de Apoio ao Ensino, Pesquisa e Extensão

Service development of hydro simulations.

FUPAI – Fundação de Pesquisa e Assessoramento à Indústria

Evaluation of groundwater and surface water availability of water courses.

Ecopart Investimentos S.A.

Registration of property SHP;
Expediting Service of Small Hydro Plants;
Topographical Services;
Basics Projects Elaboration;
Studies of hydroelectric inventories;
Activities provided in the area of wind energy;
Exploration and analysis of potential hydropower;
Environmental Licensing.


Hydraulic and environmental studies in the stretch with reduced flow - Ecological Hydrograph.

Minas PCH S.A

Studies of hydroelectric inventories;
Basics Projects Elaboration;
Topographical Services;
Registration of property SHP (Small Hydro Plants).


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