Who We Are

In recent decades technological evolution brought deep changes in social relationships either by new products and services or by new values. While engineering develops amazing tools, world economy influences projects more and more even in their conception. At the same time new environmental values emerged, became monetized and must also be considered. Thus, a peculiar engineering appears, bringing new advanced technologies each day, and becomes easy available for people.

Besides, this new engineering regards environment as storage of resources to be preserved. It considers economic rates as measures of social preference for its products and mainly considers the uncertainty inherent to all processes in order to coexist successfully, mitigate and compensate its effects.

The tripod of technological modernity, market vision and environment valuation makes the base for iX Group on projects and studies, in areas of energy and natural reserves following our main goals:

  • A team of professionals with diversified and integrated skills, so that their studies and projects are result of combination of technical, economic and environmental knowledge.
  • Excellence based on up to date training and application of innovative techniques.
  • Preserve natural resources, ensuring the sustainability of the projects, and compensate or mitigate impacts.
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