IX Estudos e Projetos started its activity in 2006, as a partnership between MS Consultoria and group of engineers in different areas. iX was originally working as satellite of the first company and formed its own personality in 2007 when a contract for prospection of Small Hydro Powerplants was signed. This event initiated creation of CONSÓRCIO MANTIQUEIRA joint venture with NICATEC da FUNDAÇÃO ROGE located in Delfim Moreira in the South of Minas. This partnership lasted until November 2008 when the company signed a contract for creation of inventory and basic projects of Small Hydro Power plants, and extended its size.

Since then, the iX Consultoria is organized into three areas: development, environmental services and cartography services. It expanded its area of operation, incorporating various aspects of the energy sector and natural resources, and is developing products related to environmental services, focusing on project.

Nowadays iX Group is capable to conduct studies and field surveys, with advanced equipment for measurement, observation and exploration, and desk analysis, based on geographic information systems, numerical simulation, organization and information management processes.

With our a strong and prepared technical team, been also institutionally well positioned and well known in the sector, iX Group has been operating in Brazilian territory, with some ventures in the international market. It has successfully performed projects in Mozambique, Mexico, Argentina and Peru.

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